This is a follow-up workshop to the Interrogating Infrastructure Symposium held in London in July 2016, and the MLA 2018 Critical Infrastructure Studies panel held at the MLA in New York in January 2018.

The first hour will be used for brief talks by the organising group, to orient our conversation:

  • James Smithies (King’s College London)
  • Alan Liu (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Matthew K. Gold (CUNY Graduate Center)
  • Arianna Ciula (King’s College London)
  • Jane Winters (School of Advanced Study, University of London)
  • Jonathan Gray (King’s College London)

We will develop an agenda for the remainder of the workshop as a group. Our goal is to produce concrete actions to develop Critical Infrastructure Studies.


  • Anne Alexander
  • Caroline Bassett
  • David Berry
  • Renata Brandao
  • Arianna Ciula
  • Graeme Earl
  • Beatrice Fazi
  • Bernard Geoghegan
  • Carolin Gerlitz
  • Jonathan Gray
  • Leif Isaksen
  • Alan Liu
  • Simon Mahony
  • Chris Pak
  • Jean-Christophe Plantin
  • Mia Ridge
  • Anna-Maria Sichani
  • Antti Silvast
  • James Smithies
  • Paul Spence
  • Martin Steer
  • Pip Wilcox
  • Robin Williams
  • Jane Winters

The workshop will be followed by the launch of James Smithies' The Digital Humanities & the Digital Modern 2017 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).