King’s Digital Lab has a proud history of collaboration with researchers in many fields, and of providing support, guidance, and technical solutions tailored to your project goals.

Experienced, innovative, approachable

We pride ourselves on being more than software developers: we are Research Software Engineers (RSEs) with decades of collective experience working with researchers from a variety of disciplines to achieve their goals.

We develop research solutions iteratively, using a range of tools and processes that can handle the most common challenges of digital research in the humanities and social sciences. We build resources designed to answer questions, store content, publish results, and push the boundaries of computationally-intensive research. We like to work closely with our project partners, so we understand their intellectual focus as well as their technical requirements. Our partners are involved at every stage of the process, from requirements gathering to release. This helps foster mutual scholarly understanding, and helps us match that understanding to technical requirements. it also ensures that project owners retain overall control of the research. We work with colleagues with decades of technical experience, and colleagues starting their first digital project, and can adapt our level of input to suit your funding proposal, from Primary or Co-Investigators to service providers.

Our workflow is designed for the higher education and GLAM sectors. We strive to be flexible and agnostic about infrastructure, tools and software, employing whatever we consider most appropriate for the task at hand. As part of our commitment to emergent technology we hold regular technical review sessions to discuss the potentials and application of new devices, software and techniques.

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