Introducing Photogrammetry: (Critical Media Practice: AHRI Pop-Up Research Studio)

In this workshop (for KCL students and staff only), we'll examine the photo capture and post-processing strategies using Agisoft Metashape to generate models, but we'll reference open source alternatives as well.

Photogrammetry has transformed the way cultural heritage assets are captured in 3D. Computational power is now such that anyone with a camera and a recent generation computer can create detailed 3D models from a collection of digital photographs of a subject. The technique was also notably used in the "bullet-time" sequences in The Matrix franchise. In this session we look at ways of getting the best possible results when access to a huge array of cameras is problematic!

Time allowing, we'll look at ways of optimising photogrammetric models for use in other 3D applications such as Blender and Unity.

Attendees are encouraged to download a demo version of Metashape, and to bring along a camera and a laptop. Most importantly, bring along a thing; a thing you'd like to document in 3D. It could be a childhood toy, a souvenier, a foodstuff, or a Grade II listed building. Actually, scratch the last one, we haven't the room. It works best if your "thing" isn't shiny and has a surface texture with plenty of detail and contrast.

This workshop is scheduled as part of a programme of events around digital creativity, digital media, critical practice, in association with KCL Film Studies, DDH, CMCI, and KDL.

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