2017 - 2019

Europe has a long and rich tradition as a centre for the Arts & Humanities. However, the digital transformation poses challenges to the Arts & Humanities research landscape all over the world. Responding to these challenges, the Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts & Humanities (DARIAH) was launched as a pan-European network and research infrastructure. After expansion and consolidation, which involved DARIAH’s inscription on the ESFRI roadmap, DARIAH became a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) in August 2014. The DESIR project - DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined - sets out to strengthen the sustainability of DARIAH and firmly establish it as a long-term leader and partner within Arts & Humanities communities.

King’s Digital Lab, along with the University of Glasgow, are leading in the development of strategies for European  research engagement in the next decade and beyond. We have been working closely with domestic initiatives and engaging with other institutions and UK DARIAH cooperating partners to promote an agenda of continued European collaboration, and to secure a new level of advocacy for the Digital Humanities.

We have been seeking consensus from across the UK Arts & Humanities digital research community through a series of workshops, to identify the most suitable models for close UK-European collaboration in the wake of Brexit.

Work continues to bring a UK Digital Humanities association into being that will ensure access to the technical and professional infrastructure needed to continue to produce high-quality research.

Link to the DESIR project page

The Team

  • Arianna

    Arianna Ciula

    King's College London Representative

    Deputy Director and Senior Research Software Analyst, King’s Digital Lab

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  • Neil new profile

    Neil Jakeman

    King's College London Representative

    Senior Research Software Analyst

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  • James Profile New 2

    James Smithies

    King's College London Representative

    Director of King's Digital Lab

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  • Glasgow_SQ

    Professor Lorna Hughes

    University of Glasgow Representative

    Professor in Digital Humanities

  • Glasgow_SQ

    Dr. Agiatis Benardou

    University of Glasgow Representative

    Research Assistant (Information Studies)

  • natasha_mq

    Natasha Romanova

    King's College London Representative

    Digital Methods Lead

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  • Simona

    Simona Stoyanova

    Post Doctoral Research Assistant

    Simona is working to convert KDL's Software development Lifecycle documentation and processes into a reusable community toolset.

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