2019 - 2021

The MaDiH (مديح) project supports Jordanian cultural heritage specialists in their work to build digital infrastructure aligned to local, national, and international frameworks thus contributing to the long-term sustainable development of Jordan’s digital cultural heritage.

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MaDiH (مديح) is informed by research software engineering (RSE) methods practiced in King’s Digital Lab (KDL). As Director of King’s Digital Lab and Deputy Director of eResearch at King’s College London, James Smithies plays a key role in the technical development and training for MaDiH (مديح ) as well as providing access to analysis, training, and technical services. The KDL-based RA, Alessandra Esposito supports the dataset identification process as well as liaising with the Amman-based stakeholders.

MaDiH (مديح) uses well established methods to analyse the strategic, policy, and technical dimensions of Jordan’s digital cultural heritage landscape. The approach is tailored to produce insights (and ultimately digital tools and systems) that can enable Digital Cultural Heritage and research development and will involve a variety of activities including but not limited to quantitative review of stakeholder opinion, policy and literature reviews, technical requirements definition and gap analysis, and participant observation.

The current phase of the MaDiH projects aims to prototype a data catalogue built using CKAN infrastructure to assess the creation of a Jordanian national heritage portal. A Technical White Paper and a Policy White Paper will inform the technical methodology used by MaDiH (مديح) and suggest policies to ensure alignment to international standards for digital humanities.  

Four workshops provide training in Research Software Engineering (RSE) for MaDiH (مديح)’s team members, and opportunities to share the project aims and elicit requirements from professionals working in Jordanian heritage, researchers, and the general public. Engagement with the local software engineering communities is enabled via a hackathon that will test the viability of the metadata collected by MaDiH (مديح), and its suitability as a source for software development for tourism.

Dissemination of the project’s findings within the academic community is achieved via participation of the team members at conferences and production of research papers.

The Team

  • James profile new

    James Smithies

    Principal Investigator (UK)

    Director, King’s Digital Lab and Deputy-Director of eResearch at King’s College London

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  • hashemite

    Dr. Fadi Bala'awi

    Principal Investigator (Jordan)

    Dean of the Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism and Heritage at Hashemite University

  • hashemite

    Prof. Shaher Rababeh


    Vice President of Hashemite University

  • hashemite

    Prof. Sadar Idwan


    Dean of Information Technology at Hashemite University

  • alessandra_mq

    Dr Alessandra Esposito

    Research Associate

    Research Associate at King’s Digital Lab

  • CBRL

    Arch. Shatha Mubaideen

    Project Manager

    Project Manager at Council for British Research in the Levant, Amman

  • Arianna

    Arianna Ciula


    Deputy Director & Senior Research Software Analyst, King’s Digital Lab

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  • Elliot profile new

    Elliott Hall

    Senior Research Software Engineer

    Senior Research Software Engineer, King’s Digital Lab

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  • Brian Profile

    Brian Maher

    Senior Research Software Engineer & Systems Administrator

    King’s Digital Lab

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  • Miguel

    Miguel Vieira

    Principal Research Software Engineer

    King's Digital Lab

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  • PascalFlohr

    Dr. Pascal Flohr


    Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at EAMENA - Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East & North Africa

  • CBRL

    Dr. Carol Palmer


    Director of the Council for British Research in the Levant, Amman

  • DepOfAntiq

    Samia Khouri


    Director of Museums at the Department of Antiquities (DoA)

  • JOSA

    Issa Mahasneh


    Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA)