KDL’s documentation process is carefully designed to feed directly into the grant and funding application process and we have successfully developed  proposals with all the major funding bodies.

We use a version of the industry-standard AgileDSDM project management methodology, tailored for research. Agile, and its associated documentation, ensures we produce a viable technical solution, and inspires confidence in review panels when they are considering the technical appendices of applications. Most importantly, it helps us work with you to build exactly what you need. This process is covered in more detail here.

Our AgileDSDM methodology means that each stage of development, including pre-project and post-project reviews, are recorded in governance documents. These offer traceability and general documentation, but also ensure we understand exactly what you need.

When your funding application is being developed, KDL will assist by creating Terms of Reference and Feasibility documentation which will include high level planning about the technical solution(s) being proposed. Sections in the Feasibility study will map closely to the requirements of the application process and the options will be thoroughly costed.

KDL is staffed by researchers and academics with lots of experience of developing their own projects with colleagues and collaborators. Our analysts and project managers keep abreast of new funding channels and will help to link up proposals to opportunities for funding, and facilitate inter-disciplinary research initiatives. If you have an idea for a project but aren’t sure where to seek funding, let us know.

We're always interested in hearing about new opportunities and new directions in digital research, so please contact us to find out more about how we can help you deliver a robust funding application and the develop collaborative research proposals and projects. We are particularly interested in projects that involve the creation, publication and hosting of digital resources, collections and tools.