KDL work with a robust and versatile stack of technologies that allow us to offer a complete end to end service including design, website hosting, image and data storage and content management.

User interaction and experience (UI/UX) are integral to contemporary design, and we believe they should be to digital research too. We build websites that range from content portals to publishing and blogging platforms, scholarly editions, and advanced database and search services. We believe website visitors should be able to interact with research outputs and create data visualisations, so ‘web design and building’ is something of an umbrella category for us: the needs of researchers and users come first.

KDL adopt a "design first" approach to web development, in support of our belief that digital tools and methods should be both instinctively usable and elegant. Our user experience and interaction designer, Ginestra Ferraro, is a passionate believer in ergonomic and beautiful design.

For websites that don't require advanced functionality, we offer straightforward development of a site that allows you to control the content, and provide custom designs for you to choose from. This option is costed realistically and provides the simple content search requirements that most modern websites will need. For King's staff central IT services may be able to provide research related web services and should be contacted directly.  (For basic blog style sites we advise you to use one of the established commercial providers as a more cost effective solution)

For sites and projects that need advanced interaction, database searches and data visualisations, the options are costed to reflect the complexity of the requirements. KDL will help you identify and understand your needs. We work with our partners to create a prioritised set of requirements and develop a product quote that clearly describes the technical solution and the tasks to be completed, and can be used in RCUK funding proposals.

After the project is completed we offer a variety of hosting and archival options to ensure the long term sustainability of the project.

There is no cost in contacting us to discuss the options available and your needs, or for the development of product quotes, and we are always interested in hearing new ideas and project proposals.